Below are a select few of the projects I’ve built.

Open Source

All public projects are hosted on my GitHub account theTaikun. (This website)

This website is a static website built with Jekyll and hosted on Github via github pages.

Reddit Save Organizer (Written in Python)

This program downloads ALL of a user’s saves, and exports them to a plaintext CSV, which can then be easily searched or opened in another program (Excel, Notepad, etc…)

Originally, when viewing Reddit saved comments and posts you would be forced to use the old website design (, which limitted the amount of entries that could be viewed at once. Even with the new design, you have to wait to scroll to the bottom, and wait for the next set of entries to load from the server. Even when you do have a large amount of entries loaded, you still can’t use the search. This is a nightmare if you’re like me and have hundreds of saved items that you will probably not look at again, but keep just in case. In order to archive saves in case users/mods delete, and for better organization, I created this save organizer.

Closed Source

divlib (PHP, MySQL, HTML, JS, CSS, all from scratch)

divlib is a social media network, and hub for amateur developers. Users can upload snippets of code they learned, with the intent that others can quickly tailor the snippet for their own projects. If the code is HTML/JS/CSS, it can be rendered in realtime on divlib’s website, showing the codes effect.

GlossyEDGE (Wordpress)

GlossyEDGE is a website dedicated to providing art and home decor that appeals to both the light and dark side of a person’s personality. GlossyEDGE specializes in prints, framed canvas, and various other physical products.